Cellulite is characterized by “lumpy” fat deposits that usually appear on the hips and thighs.

Fat cells form cavities around the connective tissue of the skin. With time, it hardens and gradually loses its flexibility, thus pulling the outer layers of the skin down and forcing fat cavities to swell around them.


More than just a simple massage technique, Velashape deeply penetrates into the subcutaneous layers of the skin to smooth the surface and restructure the adipose tissue.

Thanks to the innovative combination of electro-optical synergy, radiofrequency and mechanical manipulation of the tissue, Velashape improves the cellulite’s aspect and reduces the treated area.

When Velashape is applied on the skin, the infrared light heats the subcutaneous tissue to activate a hypothermic effect. Adipose tissue warming triggers a controlled metabolism of fat cells that physically reduces their size, which results in smoother and more beautiful skin.

Pictures before / after:

Résultats velashape 4 Résultats velashape 5 Résultats VelashapeRésultats velashape 2

Velashape5 velashapelegs3

Body Care
Personnalized assessment 50 €
Scrubbing 80 €
Back dermabrasion 100 €
Relaxing massage (60 mn) 100 €
Lipomodelage by LPG (35 mn) 60 €
Exilis body (start to) start to 200 €
10 sessions package 600 €
Ultrasonic cavitation From 80 € per session
Velashape II 90 €
Velashape III 200 €
Presso-therapy (30 mn) 30 €