Ultrasonic cavitation

Localized slimming care: a viable alternative to liposuction This technology plays a major role in the treatment of fats resistant to diets and exercise, such as in the hips, thighs or inside of the knees.


The technology uses sound waves of very low frequency (between 20 and 50 MHz), which produce air bubbles in the dermis: this is known as the void effect. These bubbles in interstitial fluids implode in contact with the fat cells and cause a small shock wave. This action then increases the permeability of the cell’s membrane and releases triglycerides contained in the adipocytes (fat cells). Triglycerides are then carried by the lymphatic and venous system to reach the general circulation. Part of them (water) is eliminated by the renal system, the rest end up degraded by the liver.


Consequently, we observe not only an improvement of the skin but also a significant decrease in the volume of the treated tissue. The action is fast (6-8 sessions) and sustainable. This system of cavitation allows us to target specific areas without damaging the surrounding tissues (nerves, vessels, muscles …). This technique is non-invasive and safe.


OurexpertsadvicesAvoid sugar and alcohol during 48hours for more effects and drink water!barre

Body Care
Personnalized assessment 50 €
Scrubbing 80 €
Back dermabrasion 100 €
Relaxing massage (60 mn) 100 €
Lipomodelage by LPG (35 mn) 60 €
Exilis body (start to) start to 200 €
10 sessions package 600 €
Ultrasonic cavitation From 80 € per session
Velashape II 90 €
Velashape III 200 €
Presso-therapy (30 mn) 30 €