Heavy legs? Blood circulation problems?

This technology aims to activate circulation and improve the lymphatic system. Ideal for shaping the body, pressotherapy with “Ballancer” brings results such as:

  • an improved circulatory system
  • an enhanced digestive system
  • a stimulated lymphatic system
  • more toned skin thanks to the increase in blood flow, which facilitates cell regeneration
  • an attenuation of fatigue which then acts on the tension and stress.

After putting on tights, you are covered from the feet to the chest by zipping boots that inflate and deflate in waves, sequentially compressing your legs in order to stimulate the blood flow. Presso-therapy: a new beauty trend! As a matter of fact, presso-therapy with “Ballancer” goes further than other techniques do, as the boot system covers the abdominal area as well. It applies revolutionary techniques that are the result of many years of medical research.



Sublimate your legs with a feet care! Read more.

Body Care
Personnalized assessment 50 €
Scrubbing 80 €
Back dermabrasion 100 €
Relaxing massage (60 mn) 100 €
Lipomodelage by LPG (35 mn) 60 €
Exilis body (start to) start to 200 €
10 sessions package 600 €
Ultrasonic cavitation From 80 € per session
Velashape II 90 €
Velashape III 200 €
Presso-therapy (30 mn) 30 €