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  • What is cellulite? How is it formed?

Regardless of hormonal changes that favor its occurrence, cellulite affects 90% of women and results from both a fat storage in the adipocytes (fat cells of the hypodermis) and water retention all around them (dermis and hypodermis). As adipocytes grow larger, the envelopes containing them become deformed and pull on entering points within the skin. This results in a bumpy orange peel effect. This process is self-perpetuating because it slows down the blood flow, causing stagnation and metabolic waste. This unaesthetic condition can also be painful if the pressure inside these pockets of fat increases.

  • Why do women, unlike men, have cellulite?

Fat structures in men and women do not react the same way in the case of an overload. In women, the hypodermis is vertically partitioned by septa (partitions). Once the fat layer is overloaded, the septa gets deformed and causes an orange peel effect by pulling on the anchor points. In men, the hypodermis is being obliquely partitioned by septa, so even though the layer of fat increases, it doesn’t cause any deformation.

  • How to fight it?

Few people are aware of this but neither physical exercise nor drastic diets can fight cellulite. To make fat tissues react and permanently eliminate cellulite, we offer a range of breakthrough scientific technologies in order to meet the needs of each client and body type. Septa, the main cause for cellulite… The Female hypodermis contains “small boxes” separated by partitions. These partitions are specific to women because they are parallel to each other. As fat and water accumulate in these areas, partition walls are compressed and microcirculation that passes through them is hampered. Moreover, under the pressure of these fat cells, they get deformed. However as these partition walls are attached to the dermis, they pull on the surface of the skin while the plumed adipocytes push towards this same surface. Obviously these areas have limits to their expansion. Result: The surface of the skin dimples like a mattress and the fat and water are are locked in this prison of hardened, fibrotic connective tissue.

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Body Care
Personnalized assessment 50 €
Scrubbing 80 €
Back dermabrasion 100 €
Relaxing massage (60 mn) 100 €
Lipomodelage by LPG (35 mn) 60 €
Exilis body (start to) start to 200 €
10 sessions package 600 €
Ultrasonic cavitation From 80 € per session
Velashape II 90 €
Velashape III 200 €
Presso-therapy (30 mn) 30 €