Permanent make up

Dermopigmentation, or “Semi permanent Make-Up”Dermopigmentation consists of introducing pigments of natural color into the skin, in order to achieve a permanent make-up (duration between 2 and 4 years).

Maquillage permanent

It is also a corrective technique accessible to everyone, which revolutionized the aesthetics of today and recreates natural beauty:

  • It helps to correct minor imperfections and rectify an undesirable permanent makeup application,
  • It demonstrates a stylish look by underlining the eyes with eye-liner (the eyelashes appear denser),
  • makes the lips more luscious thanks to a thin contour of fine colors (the mouth appears more hemmed)
  • and also corrects eyebrows that are missing, too short, or poorly designed (the technique consists in drawing dozens of tiny hairs similar to yours to recreate the illusion of a dense and natural eyebrow).

After performing a symmetric layout in pencil, the make-up artist introduces pigments through an ultra fine needle connected to a machine for a very natural result. Working together with you, we choose a color that harmonizes perfectly with your skin tone.

Before After
Maquillage permanent 2 Avant Maquillage permanent 2 Après

Our pigments are of mineral origin and are approved and certified by the pharmacopoeia and guarantee a smooth and natural result. All procedures are performed with sterile equipment (disposable needles) and by qualified personnel.

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Rates – permanent make-up
Eyebrows 450 €
Lip contours 400 €
Full Lip 550 €
Eye liner up 380 €
Eye liner down 350 €
Beauty spot 80 €
Diverses alteration Ask for quotation
* Price included 2 alterations