A new rejuvenating technique for face, neck, cleavage and hands resulting from medical research. Exclusively practiced with the patented AQUAREJUVE device, this treatment is both logical and natural, as water, a true source of life, is the main component. This care consists of a projection of micro jets of water under high, yet controlled, voltage aiming to detoxify the skin and boost collagen production. Sterile water is then enriched with a cocktail of lyophilized cultures-adapted to each individual:

  • an anti-radical mix of buffered vitamine C for mature and dull skin,
  • complex lightening for pigment spots and anti-seborrheic solution for combination,
  • oily or acne-prone skin.

Pulverizing pressure allows water to penetrate to the superficial dermis and aspiration empties pores from impurities.

barre This care is practiced only after a microdermabrasion, once the skin is cleared of dead cells and is prepared to receive it. Read more. barre

Cleansing Care (45 mn) 80 €
Cosmeceutical Care (60 mn) 100 €
Cosmeceutical Care (90 mn) 150 €
Chemical peels (30 mn) 80 €
3 chemical peels cure + post peel skincares 340 €
Microdermabrasion (60 mn) 120 €
Aqua-rejuvenation + microdermabrasion (75 mn) 150 €
LEDS 30 €
Endermolift by LPG 50 €
Radiofrequency Exilis face 350 €
Cryolift 120 €
Mesopen 140 €
Photomodulation From 180 €