Exilis radiofrequency – face

If you hate your neck and are tired of hiding behind turtlenecks and scarves, we have some new technology you may be interested in learning more about. Exilis visage The Exilis Elite is an FDA approved, non-surgical device that can help reduce fat in the face, neck or body, tighten the skin and improve the skin quality without downtime. Using radio frequency energy, this device offers twice the power and effectiveness of the original Exilis device that is sometimes used at medi-spas or salons.

Dr. Ringler is the first plastic surgeon in West Michigan able to offer patients the Exilis Elite. The energy used during treatment heats the deeper layers of the skin causing fat cells to shrink as the skin contracts stimulating new collagen. While not a replacement for a neck lift or a facelift, Exilis Elite can provide a very nice alternative for those not seeking a surgical solution, or as a supplemental treatment following facial surgery.

Pictures before/after Exilis skin care:
Exilis yeux Avant après
barre Ourexpertsadvices Exilis body care for volumetric heating to tissue for measurable cosmetic results. barre

Cleansing Care (45 mn) 80 €
Cosmeceutical Care (60 mn) 100 €
Cosmeceutical Care (90 mn) 150 €
Chemical peels (30 mn) 80 €
3 chemical peels cure + post peel skincares 340 €
Microdermabrasion (60 mn) 120 €
Aqua-rejuvenation + microdermabrasion (75 mn) 150 €
LEDS 30 €
Endermolift by LPG 50 €
Radiofrequency Exilis face 350 €
Cryolift 120 €
Mesopen 140 €
Photomodulation From 180 €