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Marithé Bottau

A physiotherapy graduate, specializing in plastic and cosmetic rehabilitation, Ms. Bottau chose to work in the beauty field with the innovative vision of the beauty institute. .

By providing the most advanced care in slimming and anti-aging, it meets all the requirements of its customers.


Truth and efficiency are the two core principles that we operate on to serve your beauty: these requirements are based on the respect of my clients and friends. Afterall, friendship would be impossible without trust. At many beauty centers, these essential qualities are trampled or overlooked. In the medical field, especially for matters concerning health and beauty, all procedures, techniques and equipment should be rigorously investigated before being made available to the public. From my experience as a paramedic, I try to give my clients the latest technology, with all safeness and provide them with my knowledge and experience acquired from skilled professionals, scientists, doctors and surgeons, with respect and ethics of my profession. Women’s needs evolve constantly, so they need more accurate information; this is why my team and I, we keep sharing our know-how suited to women from today and from tomorrow.”

Cosmedica insitut

Your institute Cosmedica welcome you: 19bis Boulevard Victor Hugo à Nice

+33 (0)4 93 81 13 06

We are open from monday to saturday 9am to 7pm and closed on sunday.

Esthecoach institut

Find us in Monaco!

9 boulevard des Moulins – Le Monte Carlo Palace – 98000 Monaco

Your institute Cosmedica welcome you: +377 97 98 18 58

Esthecoach is open to saturday 9am to 7:30pm and closed on sunday.


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